Saturday, May 15, 2010

New Dog Food?

I have been observing that Maki has been scratching his ear a couple of times. Also, I dont know if Im being paranoid but his hair has been dry and uncontrollable. So I thought of switching dog foods.

Maki has been using Breeders Beef Pro puppy dog food ever since he was given to me. But upon, searching the net and reading other dog lovers' opinion, I decided to try a different food for Maki. He has been scratching his ear incessantly. I think he might have an allergy with BeefPro dog food. When my sister and I visited Tiendesitas the other day, we came upon Holistic Recipe dog food. There were a lot of premium brands sold in the area but it is not about the price that makes a dog food perfect for your puppy.

So far so good with his new dog food. Maki is not a picky eater so he deliberately eats his new dog food mixed with his old one. I hope this new dog food would make his coat shiny and healthier. We have only been using the food for 2 days now. I will probably wait for a month or two to see the results of his new dog food. Luckily, the place where we buy BeefPro near our house also sells HOlistic Recipe :) YAY!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grooming at Aromapet Salon

Maki turned 4 months a few days ago, and he is growing so fast. I decided to have him groomed at a salon around Quezon City.
His hair was so unruly and hard to maintain already. Choosing the right dog grooming salon is hard for all dog lovers. Finding
the most affordable and pet friendly grooming salon is a challenge for everyone pet owner. I decided to search for one in the internet.
In my search I discovered Aromapet Dog Salon along Tomas Morato, Quezon City. They offer additional services like aromatheraphy and massage.
But unlike other salons, they are more on the expensive side.


And after...

The waiting area in the salon is very comfortable and smells like cinnamon and peppermint. While Maki si being groomed, i was able to observe and
watch how he is being handled by the groomer. I might say he was very relaxed and comfortable while he was in the grooming table. Good boy Maki!
I asked the groomer to give him a cute puppy cut. I guess the grooming was a success! He now looks like a puppy again. So cute!
Even the next dog owner waiting for his pet to be groomed said Maki was so cute and such a good boy.

Im excited for his next grooming session. Next time I will have to try another grooming salon :) :) but of course, this one is a thumbs up. i recommend Aromapet to all the other dog lovers

You can locate the store at 133 Tomas Morato Avenue, QC

Monday, May 10, 2010

My 1st dog ever!

My bf decided to give me a shihtzu puppy as a gift for Christmas etc. At first, I was reluctant of the gift he wanted to give because I was not really comfortable with dogs of any kind. He had 2 shihtzu dogs, 2 mini pincher and a boston terrier. Anyway, I decided to give in and accepted his gift.

I received my first pup last February 2010, and named him MAKI!

In this blog, you can get a sneak preview of my experiences as a first time shihtzu owner!!!!